così vicino così lontano
Così vicino così lontano – theatre workshop for university students 2018

E all’improvviso capivo che la città ascoltava

theatre workshop for university students

The Theatre workshop for University Students will start on the 16th of January 2020.

The workshop focuses on giving the participants the necessary tools to approach theatre grammar (space, word and action), preparing the basis to create and develop a collective work. We will work on the entire theatre machine, beginning with dramaturgic composition to end with directing and playing the final perfomance. One question will accompany the entire course:

How can we reshape and transform reality into theatre?

The participant students will find themselves researching and studying the present time through the theatre universe.
The workshop will be led by Vincenzo Picone, director and playwright specialized in educational theatre projects for the youth. The workshop will be held at Teatro Due once a week for two hours, from January to April 2020.
To the participants is required to buy a theatre card that includes 10 plays to choose between those of the 2019/20 programming, for a price of E100 plus E40 to subscribe.

info and subscriptions: – 0521 289659

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