Prof., cosa vuol dire essere vivi? - a cura di Vincenzo Picone


loosely based on Assoiffés by Wajdi Mouawad

with Giulia Pizzimenti, Davide Gagliardini

directed by Vincenzo Picone

produced by Fondazione Teatro Due

Jeanne and Willy are two teenagers. They question everything, they doubt the world around them and they are very lucid. Most of all they feel they don’t fit at all in the world they live in.

Prof., cosa vuol dire essere vivi? is a classroom play loosely based on the play Assoiffés by Wajdi Mouawad. It’s very core is adolescence with all its contradictions and the conflict between generations, with its anti social destructive behaviours (neet, hikikomori, suicide). On the background, almost as it were a  noir movie, the story of two bodies found in a river, dead an hugging. Jeanne and Willy, with irony will play with the many clichés of youth, placing Us, their Fathers in front a huge responsability: we are leaving them a corrupted and lost world. On a quest for beauty, the two characters will question their coevals about their needs, dreams and desires.

Prof., cosa vuol dire essere vivi? place the new generations at the very centre and in front of our shattered world, creating an opportunity to reflect on what is going on today.

ph_Luca Nucera