È il tuo momento - con Paola De Crescenzo e Luca Nucera


by Holger Scholber

with Paola De Crescenzo, Luca Nucera

produced by Fondazione Teatro Due

È il tuo momento! is a german play by Holger Scholber. It is a collaboration between three diferrent theatres of Berlin, Parma and Zagreb. It is a classroom play about talent shows and the values they carry on. The project includes a series of meeting with the author, two actors and a director from the participants theatres, that work togheter with a team of pedagogues and translators, to create a unique dialogue between different cultures.

The plot is simple: a boy and a girl get in a classroom and…
the main characters were participants to a talent show they did not win and touring schools is their last attempt to success. The audience will have to chose one of them as the winner by the end of it. But background stories pop up in between performances, revealing their hopes, their past and the controversy of the talent show format with its consequences on individuals and society.
The play has two possible endings, depending on which contestant will win.

Holger Schober is the author of Hikikomori, Clyde and Bonnie, My Mother Medea and many others plays written for young people. From 2009 he is artistic director of the Classroom Play Theatre of Vienna and of Uhof young theatre of Linz.