The goal of this workshop was to give to the young participants a taste of the complexity and richness of making theatre.
Two main questions:
– the relationship between the space inside the theatre (and ourself) and the space outside the theatre (the other people).
– the relationship, the ability to listen and to cherish talking and debating with other people in our life as it happens during theatrical games and training.

The young participants to this workshop were so prolific that the entire dramaturgy was written by them, making of it an almost completely original creation. The workshop took place at Fondazione Teatro Due and ended up with four intensive rehearsal days. The final performance was represented twice at Spazio Minimo.

How long does it last?
Two preparatory lessons were scheduled in December 2018. The workshop lasted from January to April 2019 at Liceo Attilio Bertolucci and Fondazione Teatro Due.

Final performance, April 2019

Final performance of the 2018/2019 interscholastic theatre workshop by Fondazione Teatro Due
in collaboration with Liceo Scientifico Musicale Statale A. Bertolucci


Hymns to youth from an unknown subsoil

created by and with:
Simone Aliquò, Annalisa Cavazzini, Eleonora Antonico, Adriana Di Natale, Floriana Di Natale, Riccardo Guareschi, Rebecca Migliozzi, Leonardo Mora, Rachele Muratore, Aurora Sansone, Tommaso Vaja, Giulia Volpato

 directed by
Silvia Lamboglia, Gian Marco Pellecchia, Francesco Lanfranchi


We thought to talk about Youth.
But youth, everyone knows, brings many other questions with it.
That is why we talked about freedom.
But Freedom led us to Confinement. And so we went on, and we landed on Lightness.
We smiled and felt moved by the words of these young boys and girls: what you are about to listen, comes from them. From their notebooks and from their profound perception. Because they have the inner ability of laughing and touching the abyss almost at the same time.
We thought that is group of people would live inside a bunker. Inside a confined space, four walls, something like a theatre.
If theatre is a confined space where walls can be broken, a space that generates infinite worlds, we thought to lock these boys and girls in a un bunker. That is a bedroom. A battle field. A micro-society in which they speak, play, fight, love, hurt. And then they start all over again.
If you are lucky enough, they will let you into their rooms.
If they do, and if you look past the dirty clothes over the floor, they will surprise you.