Prof., cosa vuol dire essere vivi? - classroom play

Tell him to respect the dreams of his youth when he will become a man.
W. Benjamin

Theatre goes to school. A play created to be performed directly at school, in a classroom, during school time. A debate will follow the show to deepen the topics of the play. It is a chance to change perspective on theatre, in a different place. Fondazione Teatro Due uses Classroom Plays as an instrument to examine adolescence, a fascinating and complex time, where everything we came to know suddenly becomes uncertain.

What does it mean to be young? What ideas, values, aspirations, expectations and disappointments animate the youngest generations.

We believe that adolescence is the key to change the status quo, it is the place where a change can begin and mature. That same adolescence that is a reflection of our society’s liquidity, deprived of points of reference and victim of various social pessimisms (neet, hikikomori, giovani sdraiati, cyberbullying, etc.).

Through classroom plays Fondazione Teatro Due aims to find a type of theatre that can communicate recognizable contents to the younger generations.
It also aims to start and develop a dialogue with students, to draw out their creative force.

Theatre is a mirror of society. It could and should speak directly to the new generations, trying to explain the importance of individual and collective responsibility. Youth can and must play a key role, as the most dynamic part of our present. Even if this corrupted and precarious system tries to wilt it.

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