by Daniël Van Klaveren

wih Eleonora Pace, Maria Laura Palmeri
and Gian Marco Pellecchia, Francesca Tripaldi, Giulia Pizzimenti

video Lucrezia Le Moli

directed by Giacomo Giuntini

produced by Fondazione Teatro Due

Nadia is a new collaboration with ETC – European Theatre Convention, that includes five different theatres from different countries. It explores the reasons of radicalization of young people in western societies and the attraction created by the Caliphate. The young dutch playwright Daniël Van Klaveren wrote classroom play Nadia, the play that is core of this project. The other four directors, Esther Jurkiewicz, Giacomo Giuntini, Peer Perez Øian and Isabelle Gyselinx collaborated together with Van Klaveren during the writing of the play.

20% of young people interviewed in Italy in a survey about IS training activities, defined the experience interesting. Proselytism is increasing especially between women, it was confirmed by a report realized by the Italian government. Nadia lights up a light on a hidden though ready to explode phenomenon. It can serve as a wider reflection on this topic, as it forces us to look  our selves in the mirror. It asks us as citizens to think about the pillars on which the old, vilipend and mutilated European Union stands. To think about identity, individuality and integration. Nadia is a restless girl, doubting everything; her family, her womanhood, her friendship with Anna, an enthusiast classmate. Nadia and Anna are looking for something: daughters of the post-modern society , where everyone is trying to define himself without knowing what post-modern really stands for.